Nautical faucets

Another important point for your boat, are the taps that you can use during a sailing trip, with this we refer to those that you are going to install in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In the market there are thousands of types, brands and models, which you can choose taking into account the one that best suits your tastes and needs. The nautical taps are designed specifically for boats, resistant and durable. They will provide you with water support, whether hot or cold. In this article you can get more information to everything related to nautical taps .

Types of nautical taps

These taps can be accompanied by electric pumps for operation with selectors, for cold and hot water in different models, and built-in drawers according to your tastes for the decoration of your boat.

In reference to the taps for the kitchen we can mention different models and brands, taking into account that your boat has this area. You can choose between different models, such as:

  1. Long neck tap : with rotating function and with a water mixer, your comfort will be served in simple and necessary actions such as washing dishes.
  2. Tap of short neck : if on the contrary your sink is of reduced size, this model will allow you that the water does not overflow.
  3. Chrome folding and folding mixer tap : in the case that your kitchen is of small dimensions and you have to take advantage of all the space to the maximum.
  4. Waterproof or fixed nautical taps for cold water : in the event that your boat does not have a heater, it is not necessary to use a mixer tap, we offer this model.

 Taking into account that there are also faucets for the bathroom, we can recommend the following:

  1. Chromed pop up faucets: they are considered simple taps designed specifically for washing.
  2. Nautical tap with removable shower : it is used for small toilets where there is not that space necessary to install a specific shower faucet, they are also the most used faucets on the deck, where many boats have an outdoor shower installation.

Taking into account all this knowledge about the different types of faucets that you can get in the market for your boat, remember to choose the one that best suits your needs, referring to the place where you will perform the installation, whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom. The characteristics on the models will change but their operation will be the same.